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Clinical Mental Health Therapist
Specializing in Adolescents & Adults

Getting Started...

It all starts with a chat. 

Prospective clients are free to reach me via e-mail, telephone, or text; whatever feels most comfortable for you. From there, we can spend some time chatting, getting to know each other, and talking about some of the issues you're dealing with. If you'd rather talk in person, we can go ahead and set up our first appointment, usually meeting face to face within a week. For individuals who are still unsure about therapy, we can talk a bit more about what's happening with you and then decide what the best next steps are. 


During our first few sessions together we will focus on getting to know you, hearing your story, and ultimately deciding if we're the right fit for each other. I'm always happy to offer clients insight on my therapeutic approach, and answer questions they have about our work together including alternative types of treatment and additional resources for self care.

My Approach


No two clients are the same. That's why I tailor my approach to each client, and their particular case. This may mean a more structured and rigid approach one week, followed by a playful and more flexible one the next. In short, it's based on you; your needs, your goals, your path.


Throughout our sessions there will be opportunities where a challenging, and more confrontational approach will be necessary. This doesn't mean that I will shame you or scold you for your behaviors, rather, I will challenge you to asses certain actions or decisions in a thoughtful and meaningful way. 


At the end of the day, I'm always there to support my clients. I believe in the work we do, and I value the time we spend together. My goal is to guide you through our work, but to also ensure that you feel validated, respected and heard. It's all about being judgement-free, open and honest.

Rubber Plant

Seasonal Affective

Major Depression

Sad Mood

Feeling "Numb"



Career Change

Bariatric Surgery


Emotional Neglect

Children of Alcoholics

Physical Abuse

Traumatic Event


Relationship Issues

Family Dynamics

Peer Relations

Parenting Teens



General Worry

Health Anxiety

Panic Attacks

Social Anxiety


Contact Me

Sherman & Sherman

280 N Old Woodward Ave, Suite LL4

Birmingham, MI 48009

Tel: 248-496-8908

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