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Collaborative Divorce

What is 

In the Collaborative Divorce approach, a professional team supports couples through the emotional aspects of divorce as they resolve the legal and financial issues. Both husband and wife retain an attorney who has had Collaborative Divorce training. The parties and lawyers all sign a commitment to reach a settlement without going to court. 

Depending on the circumstances, other members of the Collaborative team may include divorce coaches, financial professionals, mediators, or a child specialist – all of whom are trained and committed.

Collaborative Divorce focuses on the future and puts children first.

What does the 
Therapist do?

As a Licensed Mental Health Professional my role in Collaborative Divorce is to neutrally support both parties interests, and: 

  • Navigate the emotional aspects of divorce.

  • Identify and prioritize the client's concerns.

  • Improve communication skills to minimize misunderstandings.

  • Improve conflict resolution skills.

  • Develop effective co-parenting skills.

  • Participate as an effective member of the team.

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Collaborative Divorce

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