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  • Anxiety

  • Anger

  • Adolescent Issues

  • Depression

  • Family Conflict

  • Grief/Loss

  • Guilt/Shame

  • Life Transition

  • Divorce

  • Panic Attacks

  • Personality Disorders

  • Stress

  • Self Esteem

  • Trauma

All sessions are between 45-50 minutes long.

Telehealth/Skype is available for clients and is HIPPA compliant.

Typically I work with clients dealing with:


The teenage years are challenging for teens, not to mention their parents. Teens face many new pressures and may not always react in the best ways to the challenges they encounter. Some of the struggles teens face are a normal part of growing up.  In some cases, teens and their families may need extra support and guidance to help them deal with and navigate through these challenges.

Counseling provides a safe, trusting environment in which the teenager can express their thoughts and feelings and learn new skills to communicate better, manage emotions and create new strategies to help them adjust to situations.  Keeping a teenager engaged and talking is a primary goal of development.  If your teenager has not been sharing personal information with you, it may be a sign that they need to talk with someone other than their parents.  Often, counseling provides an unbiased arena for the teen to vent frustrations, check out their perspectives and theories and help them communicate more effectively.  Involving parents in the process is critically important in resolving differences and in reaching goals. 

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Life can seem more difficult at certain times. This can happen during a significant transition, in the middle of or after a crisis, or due to a challenging childhood. In individual therapy, we will focus on supporting you in increasing your self-esteem, accessing your inner strength and resilience, and helping you to learn more about yourself by exploring your thoughts and feelings. Areas that are typically addressed in individual counseling include feelings of anxiety, depression, feeling “stuck” or unhappy.

Many of my clients come in seeking clarity on why they feel the way they feel, what's getting in the way of their goals, and how they have established patterns in behavior that no longer serve them. I work closely with my clients to explore the root of their problems, and identify obstacles serving as beliefs. In our work, we will identify your strengths, develop new ways of thinking, and cultivate a more fulfilling sense of self.


Family counseling  is designed to address specific issues that affect the psychological health of the family, such as major life transitions or mental health conditions. Families can benefit from therapy when they experience any stressful event that may strain family relationships, such as financial hardship, divorce, or the death of a loved one.


In addition, it can be effective in treating mental health concerns that impact the family as a whole, such as depression, substance abuse, chronic illness, food issues, or everyday concerns like communication problems, interpersonal conflict, or behavioral problems in children and adolescents.

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