Insurance Reimbursement

At this time I accept insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Care Network and Value Options. Clients are responsible for payment on all

co-pays, which are due at the end of each session. 


For individuals who are out of network, I've partnered with Better - an app that helps clients who payout-of-pocket expenses for medical care to get reimbursement from their health insurance. Better works on your behalf to file insurance claims, and get you paid. It's simple, and easy to use as well.


You can start by downloading the Better app on your smartphone. From there, you will submit a Superbill from your therapist, and then Better will work their magic to get you reimbursed.


If a claim is applied to your deductible or cannot be covered by insurance, their service is free. If you do get reimbursed, Better only charges you 10% of the money you get back. Even Better, they are dedicating 100% of their revenue to purchase and forgive $16 million in medical debt for those in need. For each claim processed, an American struggling with medical debt is helped.


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