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  • What is therapy?
    Therapy, also known as psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is the process of working with a licensed individual, typically a therapist, on exploring issues, feelings, and emotions that are causing an individual pain, or discomfort. During the process of therapy, individuals will meet with a counselor for a specified amount of time, and talk about their issues in a judgement free space. Developing a relationship with their therapist is of the utmost importance, and this will help clients to feel more comfortable about disclosing intimate thoughts, and feelings. fThrough self disclosure, exploration, and solution-based techniques, therapists help individuals initiate change in their lives.
  • How do I know if need therapy?
    Typically, individuals seek out therapy when they are looking for a change in their life. Things just aren't going the way you want, and you're not sure how to change them. Tell tale signs such as changes in your mood and feelings of hopelessness can be the first indiciation that something is wrong. Even physical symptoms* like difficulty sleeping, overeating, and feeling exhausted all the time can indicate that something is up. Lack of motivation, ruminating thoughts, anxious feelings, and the onset of panic attacks are signs that therapy may be right for you. *I like to tell my clients that they should consult a physician if they are experiencing significant physical changes in their health. It's always best to receive a baseline on your health if you see sudden changes in your mood, energy levels, or general health. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, I ask that you to contact the nearest Emergency Room, or 9-1-1, to seek immediate help.
  • Can you prescribe medication?
    As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I do not have the authority, nor the licensure to prescribe any medication. Should you decide that medication is a route you are interested in exploring, I can direct you to talk with your General Practicioner about seeking a referral, or we can explore my network of referral sources for Psychiatric care in the area.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Yes, I accept Blue Cross Blue Shield. Otherwise, I am out of network. Click here for additional information on Insurance & Fees.
  • What is your fee?
    My fee for a one hour therapeutic session is $150 I accept isnurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield. For clients who are out of network, I accept cash or charge. Payments and co-pays are due promptly at the end of each session.
  • How do I know when I'm done with therapy?
    Therapy doesn't have an expiration date. This means that we work together to decide whats best for you. If things are especially difficult, we may decide to meet every week, or even twice a week. If things are feeling good, and you want to work the process on your own, then I will support you to take those steps, and come in less frequently. Together, we can decide whats working for you, and cater our sessions to your needs. As we continue to build a relationship, it will become evident when things are working for you, and when it may become time to discontinue sessions, or decrease their frequency.
  • What if I'm late, miss our session, or have to cancel?"
    Cancellation Policy: I ask that clients who need to cancel our sessions provide me with 24 hours notice. This provides me with time to fit in other clients, and adjust my schedule accordingly. If you cancel after the 24 hour time frame, you will be subject to pay the full fee for the session. Late Policy: All appointments will start on time, and run for the duration of our 50 minute session. Since I typically book clients back to back, I need to make sure that our sessions end on time to provide time for the next client to arrive. So, if you arrive late to our session, we will have to end on time as scheduled.
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